Here's what some people had to say about our services.
Marina Anikeeva moved here from Moscow, Russia, where owning a home was an unreachable dream.  The waiting list for a two-bedroom apartment was over 19 years.  Just moving to Anchorage, Alaska was a just a dream, but purchasing a new home here, in America, has made her realize that anything is possible.

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Jose and Kristine Pabon were visiting Alaska on vacation, and were surprised by the premature birth of their son.  They were overwhelmed by the care they received, and the compassion and friendship that was offered to them during their extended stay.  After returning to New York, they realized that Anchorage was meant to be their home.  Purchasing a house was just the next step.
When Sean turned 21 years old, he decided that it was time to purchase his first home.  He talked to friends and family members and after months of searching, found a lender and a home he felt comfortable with.  Even though he was a first time homebuyer, he felt the process was made easy for him, and everything was explained in great detail.  Not only is he a successful young businessman, but he is now a satisfied homeowner.
Randi Lee purchased her first home four years ago when she was a single mom.  She married Carlos in 2003 and their family grew.  Their home quickly closed in on them and they decided to start looking for a larger one.  Since Randi Lee obtained her first mortgage through Lisa, she knew how well she would be taken care of, but Carlos was skeptical about the whole process.  Now he realizes how easy it was and can’t believe how happy his family is in their new home.
Wilmer Hoffman immigrated from Costa Rica to America as a young boy.  He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering.  He was then accepted into the BP Challenge program and was chosen to work on the “North Slope.”  A position that was assumed to be temporary turned into permanent and he decided to make Alaska his home.  It took his parents 20 years to purchase a home, but he made it happen at the age of 25.
Laura Moore was quite thrilled when she was able to buy her first home.  Being raised in the Real Estate Industry, she knew what to expect throughout the process, but what she did not realize was what a pleasure it would be to work with Lisa and her professional team, or how fantastic it would be to have a lender she could trust.  It didn’t take long to find the perfect house and after that, everything just fell into place.