The Choice Is Yours

For most of us, our mortgage is one of the single largest investments we hold. Your choice of mortgage programs, and the Loan Officer you choose to help you with that decision, can make a world of difference. With an investment of this size, you want to know that you are in capable hands and leave nothing to chance. There is just no substitute for professional experience in a transaction of this nature!

Experience Makes The Difference Between Good and Great!

Like any other investment, a mortgage requires sound decisions and routine review. The experience level of the Loan Officer you choose, is important as your mortgage needs grow and change, not only to your immediate needs, but your future needs as well. Residential Mortgage looks after your best interests long after the close of your loan. They keep you informed of changes in the financial market that might benefit you, and are always available to provide you with a prompt overview of your options.

Your Personal Mortgage Banker

Residential Mortgage is fully equipped at guiding clients through the steps needed to resolve credit problems or other unforeseen problems that might slow down the loan approval. When clients leave their pre-qualification appointment, they leave with confidence knowing that their loan is approved. Residential Mortgage’s in-house underwriting, understands the priorities and concerns of the "bottom line" for approving your loan, and can work with clients to review and substantiate extenuating circumstances that could affect loan approval.